For consistency’s sake, I should update this before I do the MMHare tomorrow.  So.  On Thursday I made myself go for a ride.  I wasn’t feeling like it, as it looked cold and windy.  But sunny.  Which, to be fair, it was.  I made myself go by decided to only do a short ride and to make up with an hour in the gym in the evening, which I duly did.

Cycling time: 1:18:51
Distance: 19.81 miles
Avs: 15.0 mph
ODO: 3414 miles

It was a fairly flat ride, so I should have been faster.  The nasty head wind probably explains some of it.  However, as it turns out, I was coming down with a cold, so that probably explains the rest.  Due to tomorrow’s event, I’ve been throwing painkillers, echinacea and vitamins galore at it ever since.  I just need to stave off the worst of it until Monday! *fingers crossed*.

Right now there is a pile of cycling gear growing in the hall.  Plus drinks, bars, mp3 player, and so on.  The bike is cleaned, tyres pumped, all prepped.  And I’ve checked and it really does fit in the back of my little car – minus front wheel of course – so that’s cool.  Today, I shall mostly be eating carbs…  Roll on jacket potatoes for lunch! 🙂