Goodbye yellow brick road

Day 4 after the Dragon and yesterday was time to get back on the bike.  Admittedly this came with some trepidation as my Tuesday and Wednesday gym sessions had made it fairly clear that there wasn’t a lot left in my legs…

However it would appear I needn’t have worried.  I did an easyish loop with GW, chatting all the way, with the odd hill thrown in, and maintained a respectable average.

Cycling time: 2:04:56
Distance: 32.12 miles
Avs: 15.3 mph
ODO: 4644 miles

I was more tired than usual afterwards, but I think that’s allowable.  Now that I’ve done the Dragon (again), it’s time to start thinking about my future goals…  Do I aim for the Etape?  Is SH really serious about joining me in that?  Or do I look for some multi-day touring type trips – L2P without the fundraising?  In the meantime there’s Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride, AMR Bristol to London (sponsor me, go on, you know you want to…) and Cheddar Cyclosportive, so the season’s not over yet 🙂