Sound of silence

Which is what you get when a) your mp3 runs out of batteries on your ride and when b) you’re too busy pushing to keep up to talk…

Ten of the ACG gathered in the Square this morning, including he who shall henceforth affectionately be know as Tri-Boy (previously know as Boy Wonder) and his parents.  Apparently he was a bit under the weather today…which doesn’t bode well for future “on form” rides!  Anyway ten was a pretty good turnout while still remaining a manageable number – well, just about anyway.  It depends on the amount of traffic on the road, and today wasn’t too bad.

We set out towards Brean Down in the sun and hurtled our way there.  The group initially set off at speed…and didn’t slow down any as legs warmed up!  I didn’t bother trying to keep up too much, being a little concerned as to how on form I was.  I’ve been post-Dragon tired all week, on a detox, and with swollen glands…  If I wanted to race, I’d have joined a racing club 😉  Blessedly the grockles hadn’t woken up yet so we had the wiggly road there to ourselves, which was nice as it can be a bit unpleasant there sometimes when you get between desperate grockle and his candy floss destination…  We spread out a bit along the way but re-united at the café by the sea front at Brean Down which, unforgivably, did not have any of their fantastic scones.  I’d been looking forward to one of them and I may have sulked…*grin*.

After chatting over tea outside as it clouded over, and doing my ACG kit sales pitch to everyone, we headed out again into what was now distinctly chilly weather.  I was, as ever, very glad of my arms.  The ACG rapidly broke up into splinter groups as commitments and speed took their toll.  A faster than usual peloton was left going the long way home, and  this time I did a much better job of keeping up – mostly because the Tri-umvirate don’t know where they’re going yet and have to keep stopping at junctions to wait and see where we’re going!  Having the wind behind me may have helped too.  A lot!  The sun came out, and that combined with the speed we were going at meant it got quite warm.  I did my fair share of sitting on the front and pulling, I think, and was happy to see that my legs weren’t protesting.

Cycling time: 2:07:58
Distance: 38.23 miles
Avs: 17.9 mph
ODO: 4682 miles

Have you seen the AVS?  Have you?  Really?!  So much for a leisurely Sunday morning ride!  *grin*.  I won’t say it was unpleasant because oddly it was quite enjoyable, if hard work.  It was very weird to be coming back in the group on the Wedmore road doing 24mph and practically free wheeling.  I rarely get to experience the drafting effect to such an extent – it was pretty awesome.  So there are some upsides to being totally out-classed! 😛  Having kicked a*se all the way home I sat behind as Tri-Boy led the way back down the bypass and into town only to be overtaken by his mum and a very colour co-ordinated GB fighting for the stage finish.  Does that count as sling-shotting? 😛

Having had no scone I was at least entitled to have a slice of the very nice Rhubarb and Vanilla Yoghurt Cake that I made yesterday with my lunch.  I reckon that has to count as one of my 5 a day.  It’s got carbs in it and everything…*grin*.