On a ragga tip

A Thursday morning ride with GW is becoming practically a regular thing.  What is not normal is being joined by SH – an occurrence that announced itself by the unusually rapid exchange of texts this morning.  Well – rapid for him.  I actually didn’t notice my crackberry flashing at me for a while as I had it set to silent…  Anyway, all’s well that ends well and a crowd of three would a cycling go.  So we did.

We did a loop that included, just so as you can join up the dots, Nyland, Wedmore, Panborough, Glastonbury, Ashcott, Shapwick, and Sweets…where we pooled funds and sat outside in the sun chatting with another Tor ride who we picked up for a bit.  Interestingly all three Tor riders managed to have three different versions of Tor kit.  These are the kind of things you notice when people are discussing cycling and you have no idea quite who they’re talking about and can only chime in from time to time when the flow of conversation touches on a familiar name – Armstrong, Landis, Cavendish.  However it was a very pleasant interlude in a very enjoyable ride, and it would have been easy to sit there for ages…tempting too!  Must remember to take some money with me next time though – drinking more  would have seen us doing the washing up…  Thanks SH!  🙂

We came back via the Levels, Blackford, Cheddar, and the almost chemically blue reservoir.  Life’s a beach – well, at least it looked like one up there.

Cycling time: 2:31:18
Distance: 40.58 miles
Avs: 16.1 mph
ODO: 4723 miles

It was, unsurprisingly considering who I was cycling with, a relatively fast ride for me.  I made a conscious effort to keep up and not to sulk about having to keep up and to take a turn at the front when I could.  After all, I’m supposed to be trying to get better at this cycling thing.  So that was 2 1/2 hours cycling in the sunshine, enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery, having a good natter, and topping up the tan.  I may not always be able to get the hang of Thursdays but there are definitely worse ways to spend one *grin*.