Here come the girls

Last night the girls were out on the town.  This morning felt very morning.  At some point in between, I chatted to G and decided to swop this morning’s planned gym session with a ride.  Whilst I knew, on waking this morning, that a couple of hours in the sun on the bike would make me feel fab, there was definitely a leap of faith to be taken in order to actually get me kitted up and on the bike!  Especially as G was a tad on the late side, and I could have used the extra time in bed!

Still.  We spent a couple of happy and very lovely sunny hours pottering around between Wedmore, Wookey, Wells, Wedmore and back again, and even threw in Mudgeley Hill for good value.  It wasn’t the flattest route, but the weather was stunning, crystal clear views, unbroken sunshine…well, it was worth it.

Cycling time: 2:15:48
Distance: 33.87 miles
Avs: 14.9 mph
ODO: 1896 miles

On the way back we popped in to see S and beg coffee from him – G was in dire need.  S is going to do the Etape with me in 2011.  He doesn’t know it yet.  But he is *grin*.  Go on – pretty please? 😉