Fun in the sun

Whenever I’m due to go out with S or G I feel ever so anxious beforehand.  And then when it come to it, 9 times out of 10, we have a great ride.  Well, today with G was one of those 9.  The weather was just lovely.  It was sunny and clear, but thanks to it being September, not baking hot with it.  There was wind – when isn’t there? – but since we were mostly doing hills and lanes, it didn’t impact too much.

The route is a bit of a blur…but we started off with Cheddar Gorge, where we passed a long strung out line of LEJOGers.  I’m not sure I’ve ever overtaken anyone on the Gorge before, so that was fairly motivational… After that it was over the top and down to Blagdon Lakes, down a hill which totally did my head in, as my brakes really weren’t cutting it (more of which later).  I actually had to stop as I was feeling so uncertain of them.  Or was it me?  Stunning views from up there…  Anyway…  From there was lots of wiggling around Butcombe way – lots of up and down and scenic country lanes, all the way along to West Harptree and Chewton Mendip, from where we took the long A39 uphill slog…  Not quite as far as Wells this time, as we swung a left and took ourselves off to the Rocky Mountain Cafe for tea and carrot cake.  Sitting outside basking in the sun was very lovely 🙂  There were quite a few other cyclists there, and I was even recognised!  See – the kit works *grin*.  I’ll try not to let the fame go to my head… 😉

We took the direct route back – straight along the windy top and back down the Gorge, at which point G had to head off.  Just as well considering the way I go downhill…  Oddly enough I actually prefer the Gorge going up, to going down.  Who’da thought it?!

Cycling time: 3:09:50
Distance: 43.55 miles
Avs: 13.7 mph
ODO: 1863 miles

OK, so not fast – but it was bl**dy hilly out there!  I came home via Cheddar Cycle Store – as my brakes really weren’t feeling good, and I wanted ’em checking out.  (Bad worker blames her tools?).  Turns out that, after the last time the front wheel was out, that little lever thing hadn’t been flipped back down to hold the brakes in place.  Doh!  No wonder they felt bad!  The lovely Tom adjusted them a bit too, and riding home from there they were definitely feeling better.  Be interesting to see what difference that makes on the hills on Sunday.  And if the weather’s anything like today, it should be another lovely ride 🙂

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