Near wild heaven

Training time again.  Today’s intention was to break the 2 hour barrier – at which I seem to have been stuck of late, due to time restrictions, routes, company, whatever…  However I couldn’t go out for as long as I’d been thinking because it turns out I have a yoga class this afternoon so I had to get back for that.

I did a nice loop from here to Wedmore, out to Shapwick, along the cycle routes behind Ashcott and the main road, to get Glastonbury.  The main road bypass road past Glastonbury was a blast.  Wind in my favour, smooth, wide…lovely 🙂   Even the nasty subsiding road across to Launcherley and the Wells is nicer when the wind isn’t in your face!  Once in Wells, it was the Burcott Road wiggle to get back on the Wells-Wedmore road again, past all the Tour of Britain signs, and then head down for my favourite stretch of road back into Cheddar, and then back home.

Cycling time: 2:39:01
Distance: 41.98 miles
Avs: 15.8 mph
ODO: 1819 miles

It wasn’t the flattest of routes – what with Mudgeley, Shapwick, and the like – so it was fairly good training really.  Real hills can wait until the ACG go out this weekend!   The weather was average – clouds like a big thick blanket that never cleared, but not cold or too windy.   I’m pretty pleased with the speed, but less so with the knee and the LH shoulder blade which is twingeing up a storm now.   Swings and roundabouts…  Time for that yoga class – that should stretch it all out a bit.   Failing that, it may be pink pill time! *grin*