I’m fighting things I cannot see


These are not the only baby birds I saw today, but they’re the only ones I was able to photograph, and it’s a miracle I took any photos at all really since I was busy head down, in head space

Have you ever seen a baby moorhen?  As I left Mark, I startled an adult moorhen, presumably Mum, who was in the middle of the road and who ran for cover in the reeds and rhyne at the side of the road.  As she went she swept up and shepherded in front of her 8 of the smallest, cutest, must just have been born, little bundles of black feathers that you’ve ever seen.  Being less scared than their mum, some of them re-emerged when I stopped to look more closely…and man, aw…talk about adorable.  Tiny little fragile inquisitive things.  Even seen the soot sprites in Spirited Away?  That’s what they made me think of.  Made my day 🙂


Cycling time: 2:02
Distance: 33.4 miles
Avg: 16.4 mph
ODO: 5405.7 miles

It wasn’t a great ride, but hey, it wasn’t bad either.  My legs seem to have recovered and still work, though I probably wouldn’t want to ride 100 miles on them just yet.  I managed to do a pretty respectable speed most of the time, what with it being mainly flat ‘n all, and I went up a hill, and got a little more suntanned.  So, better out than in 🙂