Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Ah, the joys of a rest day.  Well earned, well deserved, and seriously needed.  Beach, Mojácar Pueblo, market, souvenirs, beer, tapas, time by the pool…and not a pedal or wheel in sight.  It felt almost like a holiday 😉  Oh, and then I had a fab massage by Margriet to round it all off – she’s qualified and multi-talented 🙂

Still good at the beach coastal views vino in barrels

tapping the barrel market view right to sea

view left to inland beer view very cold pool

sunny afternoon tropical cacti

sangria contador not at all scarey dog

It being Julia’s night off, we had dinner at a restaurant up the road; an interesting walk in the dark away, past barking dogs and very noisy frogs.  The food though good enough, was a bit expensive for me, and I was tired enough that I’d have cheerfully stayed at the villa, and would have preferred to do so, but that would have meant not eating…and I didn’t want to get told off again!  Well, there would be more miles to come, and more hills to climb, right?  Rest and recovery 🙂