Let the wind blow through me

That would be cool wouldn’t it?  Some sort of two way phase modulator thingy (yes, I’ve been reading science fiction).  When the wind is being annoying, you’d flick a switch, align all your molecules, and the wind would just blow through you.  And if there was any chance, however unlikely it seems to be these days, that the wind was actually going to be in your favour, or if for some bizarre reason you fancied a session slogging into it, you’d flip the switch back again, and let the wind do its thing.

Because recently there has been far too much wind.  I’ve found myself wishing for the ability to tack.  Actually, doing a search for the definition of tacking to enlighten the uninitiated, I see there’s a Deep Space Nine episode entitled “Tacking into the Wind“.  Which seems appropriate given the science fiction theme.  Anyway, back to tacking, which sadly I can’t do on a bike.  Neither can I hoist a sail when the wind is behind me.  In fact all I can do when it all gets too much is batten down the hatches and head for port. ( I think I may have overworked my nautical metaphor – shame on me 😉 ).

So far I’ve managed two paragraphs on the wind, sailing, and science fiction, without even mentioning today’s ride.  Which, as you will have gathered, was a little windier than I would have liked, as I would have liked it not to be windy at all.  Especially not when the wind is from the NE, a direction not noted for it’s balmy overtones…

I didn’t have a plan today.  I was thinking a couple of hours on the flat, in tapering fashion.  But for some reason the little voice in my head had other ideas, which it sprung on me as we went along.  It started by suggesting that going up Shipham Hill would be a good idea, as then I would have done a hill and could relax for the rest of the ride.  Good idea, no?  So I did, in 16:25, my second best time this year.  Get in! 😀

From there I made it up as I went along – see here for details – with the flat bits being incidental rather than intentional.  I’m particularly impressed by the fact that I had no idea I was going to go up Brent Knoll until I got there.  Well why would you, when there’s a perfectly good road round it?  I seem to be quite good at springing hills on myself.  At least that way I don’t have time to dread them first, and they seem to go quite well that way.  OK, so it wasn’t the hilliest ride ever, but it was a darn sight hillier than planned 🙂  (Hillier is a word that is looking sillier and sillier each time I write it).

Cycling time: 2:20:22
Distance: 34.78 miles
Avs: 14.5 mph
ODO: 7473 miles

So the hills went well.  Both up and down, which is nice.  My knee was strapped up and ok.  My shoulders/neck/back were neither, but then I haven’t taken any painkillers for a couple of days precisely to see how those bits are feeling.  Painful apparently.  Pink pills here I come.  And on Sunday’s Endura Lionheart I think I need to make a point of stopping and stretching regularly (sorry GB).  There are three feed stops so that should be about right, and should break up the 96 miles nicely.  Now all I need is sun and a tail wind, “…such stuff as dreams are made on…”.