Use your illusion

The ride that never was.  Well, if I didn’t have a sportive on Sunday, then maybe the thought of heading out for two hours cycling in the pouring rain, with a topping of cold wind, would have been a more attractive one.  Maybe.  Instead GW and I opted for cups of warm tea and a natter on the sofa.  I shall compensate by going to the warm dry gym later, so no doubt the weather will now brighten up, the sun will shine, and I shall cuss quietly under my breath as I’m out there doing things other than riding.

In other news I’ve arranged to go and see Andrew to look at my bike set-up next week.   The more time I spend on the bike, the more pain I’m in.  I’m thinking we need to reverse the changes we made a while ago to make my position more upright again.  He also suggests we consider trying to reduce the road noise, make the ride more comfortable.  Something to do with different cross something or other wheels.  And possibly going up to 25mm tyres.  Oh and he mentioned something about handlebars too.  Personally I think it’s more down to the posture…but I guess as long as we check out one thing at a time we should be able to figure out what works.  Let’s start with changing the position, right?  Because that doesn’t cost money, and changing components definitely does…

You see apparently living on painkillers is not the way to go, nor is always strapping up my knee to ride.  Actually the knee is, I think, very slowly on the mend.  It’s definitely the neck/shoulder thing that’s the big issue at the moment, and I can’t say as I’m looking forward to 100 miles with it as it is.  I’m sure I remember the days when long rides didn’t actually hurt…well, they hurt, but not like this, if you know what I mean! 😉  Some of the enjoyment is definitely missing at present, and I’d like that back 🙁

In the meantime, from a Plan B point of view, if anyone would like to buy me a Van Nicholas Chinook, as recently reviewed in Cycling Plus, (it’s *so* pretty), I’m sure that would fix all my problems, and I’d be eternally grateful! *grin*