Next to me

Ok, so it was a rest day.  But it was a rest day when the sun was shining and the road was calling, so when he came home from school, and youngest was duly deposited where she needed to be, MiniMe and I did the Nyland Loop.  In shorts!  Not like I had that much choice actually, as all Sunday’s kit was in the washing machine.  So it was shorts, sleeveless top, and minxy arms, which did the job a treat.  Parfait.

Cycling time: 0:48:03 hrs.
Distance: 12.11 miles
Avs: 15.1 mph.
ODO: 13829 miles

I know I call him MiniMe, but man, have you seen the size of him now?  Come to think of it, I probably ought to check his saddle height and position again…

We had a lovely ride in the sunshine, with no agenda, just enjoying being on the bike.  He’s getting better all the time, as he gets bigger and stronger.  When he stops growing he can have some proper shoes and cleats too – but I think that might be a way off, and he grew out of my old shoes a while back!  Maybe I should stop feeding him?

He quite likes being a blog entry – and even chose the title of this himself, because when we’re riding, that is where you’ll find him.  I am also supposed to inform the donor of his top that it’s very lovely and he likes it a lot.  This is as good a medium as any, so thanks GB! 🙂

Anyway, I know I look a right state, but here’s my boy and me, smiling in the sun.  He’s not actually that much taller than me, it’s a position thing, but hey, it’s only a matter of time :).

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