One more step around the world I go

Last night saw another sunny evening, and another ride.  This time I opted for the evening to let some of the heat go out of the day, which was a nice, if novel, position to be in.

Bearing in mind that which looms before me, I plotted nearly the flattest route possible, which I did clockwise.  Odd, but I definitely prefer anti-clockwise!  I wonder why that is?

It wasn’t as enjoyable as the last ride, but it was far from horrible.  And, as it turns out, it was quite fast too, which came a bit of a surprise – the wind had been irritating me.

I’ve wiped my computer stats , but you can have what I remember for tradition’s sake.

Cycling time: ???
Distance: 29.00 miles or so
Avs: 16.5 mph
ODO: 4490 miles

Right now I’m packing up for the Dragon Ride.  Hubby is cooking me up some pasta to take with me, for my tea tonight.  I had carbs for breakfast and lunch, and have carbs galore packed with me.  My bike is in the back of the car, all snuggly wrapped up.  Oh and it’s clean too, as I washed it this morning.  Once that’s all done, I’ll be heading off, following the sun down the M4 to find my bed for the night.  Wish me luck! 🙂