Roses and Rings

It’s half term, which is sanity stretching at the best of times.   By the time hubby came home last night I was like a coiled spring.  He walked through the door,  and with barely a backward glance, my bike and I hurtled away into the evening sunshine.  No wind, warm low evening sun, shadows stretching across the fields…  I was by no means the only one out there, and we all grinned at each other as we passed by, words being unnecessary when it came to expressing how much fun we were all having.  The roads were quiet, the towns were empty, and it felt like my own private playground.

In Mark a pair of displaying peacocks were being pointedly ignored by a dowdy female as she “accidentally” walked past them.  There were the inevitable herons, some very cute ducklings, and some awesome aerial acrobatics from the buzzard being harrassed by crows.  The rhynes were millpond still, reflecting yellow and green, blue and white, back up at the sky.  It was all gorgeous 🙂

Cycling time: 1:49:43
Distance: 29.00 miles
Avs: 15.8 mph
ODO: 4461 miles

I’d taken my new camera with me and have the photos to prove how lovely it was.  In fact I got my first chainring tattoo of the season stopping to take them 🙂  I’d have been faster if I wasn’t stopping from time to time as I really was going for it – what with being limited by both available time and remaining light.  It was an outstanding ride…and by the time I got home, showered, and collapsed on the sofa, I felt almost human again.  Well, as close as I get anyway *grin*.