Ride like the wind

Or, more to the point, ride in the wind.  In the wind, the freezing cold, the sun, and the snow.  Yes, snow.  I frequently wonder at my sanity.  I’m probably not the only one to do so.  Anyway, yesterday I rode with George.  It was fairly short, plenty sharp, and there’s not a lot more to be said for it.  However, for consistencies sake, it should be documented.  That is, after all, what I do.  It was not a great ride, the best that can probably be said for it is that I followed all those oft-repeated velominati rules, and got out there.  Better out than in, etc.

Cycling time: 1:43:57 hrs
Distance: 22.6 miles
Avs: 13.0 mph.
ODO: 16201.69 miles