Rubber side down

Thanks to the wonders of coincidence, it would appear that no-one is safe on the road, with both Bradley Wiggins and British cycling head coach Shane Sutton being involved in accidents this week.  The BBC poses the “is cycling getting more dangerous” question, and I don’t think I’m up for getting into that argument…so not brave enough!  Somewhat ironically, it’s thanks to Wiggo and the British Cycling team that there is apparently an influx of new riders on the road, and yet it is the great man himself demonstrating that bad things happen to good people.  Accidents are no respectors of rank!  So, in case you fancied educating yourself on some stats and figures, or maybe haven’t been riding long and could use some tips, how’s this for informative?  Let’s be careful out there!

UK Cycle Accident Statistics & Tips for Staying Safe


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