The ACG divides and conquers

The ACG were out as planned on Saturday. Mind you, that’s about all that did go to plan! We started off as 7, and rapidly decreased in number. Due to our varying abilities, and the fact that we started off down the main road, we got spread out a bit. Two of the faster lads hurtled off…never to be seen again! Two of the newer and less used to it members chose variously to head home early, leaving just three of us. Ah well…best laid plans and all that.

We headed out into the wind, in the sunshine, and wiggled our way to Glastonbury, where we had coffee in the Rainbow café – a favourite stop of mine. And then we wiggled back again, somewhat faster with less sunshine, but with the wind behind us 🙂

Cycling time: 2:43:18
Distance: 36.69 miles
Avs: 13.4 mph
ODO: 218 miles

A very nice ride in the sun all in all. Apparently the splinter group had a good ride too – somewhat hillier and longer than ours, so more power to ’em! *grin*. It’s hard trying to please everyone, and it’s all very dependent on who turns out and what their abilities are.