The wind may blow…

When hubby went for a run yesterday morning, there was no wind.  When I got up and looked out of the window there was no wind.  By the time I headed out with G…there was wind.  No fair!

It being an average morning, we stuck to the usual kind of loop around the area – nothing too troubling.  Which is always good if you’re trying to keep up with G.  I did feel like I was pushing a bit harder than I would have been doing if it was just me, but in a good way, and I think I was keeping up better than I have done before.

Anyway, I now have a computer for this bike…which I’ve not quite got the hang of, but near enough…so here are the stats:

Cycling time: 2:02:33
Distance: 31.58 miles
Avs: 15.4 mph
ODO: 181 miles

Not bad, especially when you consider the wind.  Faster than it used to be.  Again – probably down to the bike but hey, I’ll take that 🙂  It’s been hard, due to the weather, to get out enough recently, but I need to buckle down and get some decent miles in over the next two weeks in time to tail off just before the Dragon Ride.  No excuses!