The training of the shrew.

S made the supreme sacrifice, ditched the Burnham run and took me out for a ride this morning.  We set off at 8.00am, in a southerly direction, on the basis that it’s better to go out into the wind and to come back with it behind you!  And it sure was windy… And frequently damp.

The route is a little hazy in my mind, and S didn’t tell me where we were going either.  Lots of wiggly country roads, the odd hill, some windswept levels…I just follow him.  Usually literally, since apparently as team leader, it’s ok for him to do all the leading…  Before the title goes to his head, I reckon that makes him more of a domestique *grin*.

I can tell you we ended up at the Canal Centre at North Newton (near North Petherton), shortly after yet another downpour, where the nice folk opened up for us and provided coffee.   Thus fortified, we took a slightly more direct route back as we were running just a little late.  However, with a much appreciated tail wind, and a sense of urgency in the legs, we actually got back into the Square about 10 minutes early, which was pretty impressive.

Cycling time: 3:19:00
Distance: 54.5 miles
Avs: 16.4 mph
ODO: 149.6 miles

I was surprised when S said how far we’d been, though I suppose I should have figured considering how long we’d been out.  I’d like to say I was much faster because I’m improving dramatically…but it’s got more to do with the new bike, and keeping up with S.  Though I have made myself a new rule – don’t catch up with S.  If you do – he just gets faster! *grin*.  It was a good ride, it’s always nice to do new routes, and new stops.  Even S seemed surprised by our average speed, which was quite nice.  I get to feel a bit less of a handicap, which is good for the ego.

The downside of no computer of my own (as yet) is that I don’t/can’t keep track.  If I’d known how far we were going to go, or had been, etc., then I’d have been more careful to eat and drink properly.  As it was, I only drank a bit, plus the coffee, and didn’t eat at all.  I didn’t have time to take my Recovery and only grabbed a bar thing for lunch…which probably explains why I came over all faint in Bristol this afternoon…  Proper hot/cold sweaty shakey need to sit down before I fall down faint…  A lesson to be learnt methinks.

Now that I’m back home after this afternoon,  I really should be cleaning the bike..but I think I’ll plead fatigure and do it tomorrow instead.  I will.  Honest 😉