These are the contents of my head

Alan and I had a plan to ride today.  But the forecast was lousy overall, and ever worse for later in the day, and we don’t really do early.  He bailed.  However I did want to ride, as the prospect of a third home workout in a row was not appealing.  But left to my own devices, as I was, the chances were I would bail too.  So I pinged Chris, who happens to be on holiday this week, and as he’d bailed on his long ride plan for the same reasons, we made a Plan B.  OK, so it meant an earlier start, but I’ve been sleeping rather a lot later and actually welcomed an excuse to set the alarm.  Which would explain why last night I couldn’t get to sleep for feckin’ ages and didn’t get half enough shut eye.  Whoever Murphy was, he has a lot to answer for!

So I wasn’t precisely grumpy this morning, but I definitely wasn’t perky.  Not after my first coffee, nor even after the second coffee when Chris arrived around 9:30am.  I was yawny.  Which is not an adjective, but will have to do because it’s what you’re getting and I can’t think of a legitimate alternative that I prefer 😉

So, where to go?  Well considering the continuing considerable wind, the sensible thing to do from a motivational point of view was to head out into it so it would be behind us on the way back.  With the odd hill because always flat is not good from a training point of view.  And since the wind was from the west, we decided to do a seaside loop, starting with Shipham Hill.  Who’s stupid idea was that anyway?  Ah yes, that would be mine.  Still, at least I was warm by the time I reached the top.  Not warmed up, but warm 😉  And with that under my belt, I was set for the rest, which turned out to be a little flatter than planned, in a make up the route as you go along way.  birthday belt

Some rides are just good rides.  Unexpectedly for the most part.  Chris did enquire at some point if, due to the way I was pushing on, it was one of those days.  Nope.  And I wasn’t, even if it seemed that way.  It’s just that sometimes your legs have it and sometimes they don’t and today they did.  So why was it so good?  Good question.

A little while ago, after a good start to the year and post-training camp, I was feeling good.  Like maybe I could.  And then with this latest flare-up, I’d definitely started to feel less good.  Like I couldn’t.  And the longer the weather was keeping me off the bike too, the worse that “I can’t” feeling was getting.  Even if the reasons I couldn’t weren’t/aren’t my fault, it still put a serious dent in my PMA.  So getting out there, and discovering that those miles are still in my legs and actually I still can was just fantastic.  A real boost.  I felt good, and I had a blast.  Even up the hills we did do.  And especially when that wind was finally behind us *grin*.  Yep, definitely a good ride 🙂

Cycling time: 1:58
Distance: 30 miles
Avg: 15.2 mph
ODO: 8615 miles

According to Strava, when it comes to going uphill, I’m putting in the best times I’ve done in over a year, and I’m still getting better.  Which is great!  I may have started off the day a little less than cheerful, but I’ve been a shiny happy person ever since 😀

Talking of shiny things, it would appear my birthday gifts all had a certain theme.  Hence the belt above, from the mob.  And the earrings that my folks bought me from Cycling Jewellery.  Both of which I may have had a hand in choosing 😉

birthday earrings