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Brent Knoll

On Wednesday I went to the seaside.  It had been a while, and I thought t’were best done before the schools break up and Weston hits proper silly season.  If I can ride, I should ride, because sometimes I can’t even when I want to, so waste not, want not right?  It was a flat fast sunny ride, good for the body, the head, and the tan lines ;).

Cycling time: 1:54 hrs.
Distance: 32.1 miles.
Avs: 16.9 mph.
ODO: 2983.8 miles.

On Friday I did not go to the seaside.  Instead the girls and I, being George and Mim, went for a coffee loop to the Walled Garden to catch up.  I’m as close to form as I’m ever going to get, it being that time in the season, and I felt pretty good out there.  Well mostly.  I had to ask that we not do much by way of hills because hills hurt in more ways that one.  I’d like to say I’m having a bad patch, but I think it’s just getting worse.   Anyway, as rides go, it worked out well on several levels.  They chatted, and I rode, and that meant our speed pretty much matched.  Mim was going into Bristol, so the Walled Garden was on the way, and it worked for me because there’s a Gromit at Lye Cross Farm that needed hunting down and photographing for posterity :).  Riding in the sun with friends doesn’t suck.  Neither did going down the A38 hill from the airport to the farm…I’d always wondering how much fun that would be.  The answer is a lot :D.

George Mim

flowers arch

Cycling time: 2:04 hrs.
Distance: 30.1 miles.
Avs: 14.5 mph.
ODO: 3013.9 miles.

Secret Garden GromitTomorrow is the Great Weston Ride, a tradition for GB and I.  For a change I shall be riding an event in company, which I’m really looking forward to.  Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow than I do today though…or it could be a seriously bad day at the office.  Still PMA right?  Here’s the eponymous tune for you, should you fancy a listen.  It’s quite cheery too :).