Weapon of choice

Man, I am SO behind…but I have no time for more writing now either really, with many things to do, and the Dartmoor Classic looming large ahead of me on Sunday.  Writing up Velothon Wales took it out of me, unlike riding it 😉

But for the record, this week I have ridden three times.  I’ve been slaying my demons with my weapon of choice 😉  All three rides were with Alan:  Tuesday for Fairyland coffee, Wednesday for hills (which pointed out that Thursday really needed to be a rest day!), and a very easy coffee spin today to see how the legs were feeling after that.  Apparently they were working, but I didn’t push it on any level….I’m going to need whatever is left in them on Sunday!  Wish me luck? 🙂

Cycling time: 5:23
Distance: 79.9 miles
ODO: 9884.7 miles

sometimes I eat cake too...well, gluten free carrot cake anyway ;)

sometimes I eat cake too…well, gluten-free carrot cake anyway 😉