Yellow is the colour of sunrays

setting sun

Did I mention evening rides rock?  I believe I did.  And tonight’s ride just re-inforced that.  In fact, since there were less hills and less bugs, it was even better than yesterday.   Faster, and flatter, and I got to go to the beach.  Less of a bimble, more of a blast 😉  And as some of you are now well aware, life is always better at the beach… 😀

Cycling time: 1:38
Distance: 28.3 miles
Avg: 17.2 mph
ODO: 5264.9 miles

Sadly, in other news, it would appear my pain is on its way back.  I’ve been ignoring it, in the hope that it would just go away, and hey, maybe I was imagining it?  But I’m not.  It’s like having an old friend back again.  One of those friends you don’t like that much, but where there’s a lot of history that binds you together *sigh*.  Familiarity has most certainly bred contempt!  At least I got a few months off, right?  For the moment, with glimpses of form (finally!), and some fairly heavy duty willpower, I shall just keep on movin‘ until it gets the better of me again.  All in all, it’s just another bump in the road…  Hey, it didn’t kill me last time, even if I don’t feel stronger,  It would appear it’s still a long long road to recovery from here… 😉

moody beach