Don’t fence me in

One of those weeks where, as someone put it, the law of sod applied on a regular basis. Work, health, and, then…  Well if you’re on Twitter you’re probably well aware of the shoe saga…you lucky lucky people ;). If you’re not…I left one behind on the industrial estate where I parked at the Hammer. I didn’t realise until Wednesday when I wanted to ride and then I couldn’t. Ordered new shoes, cleats, overshoes on next day delivery from Wiggle and Tredz respectively. In the meantime the twitterverse conspired and a nice Mr Hamilton from the Hammer went and had a look, miraculously found it still there, and posted it back to me. Thanks to City Link failing to find a neighbour to leave my new shoe delivery with on Thursday, my old shoe actually made it back to me yesterday morning before my new shiny shoes finally did at lunchtime, both of which were after I was supposed to be riding on Friday morning, at which point the sun shone gloriously all day. *sigh*.

So when GB suggested I meet up with him on his way home from work, I leapt at the chance. Me and my two old smelly shoes :). It was my first evening ride of the year too – so nice to have that as an option again. It wasn’t a long ride, but it was an inexplicably fantastic one. I was just so pleased to be out – I’ve felt caged in in lots of ways this week.  The weather was nice, the scenery was being all Spring like, and the bike and I felt good, though the gears were a little off (I think I bashed the cable/rear mecah when cleaning both bikes in the morning). Even the hills felt ok, and that includes Burrington Combe, though I wasn’t beating any records. Unlike my descent of Cheddar Gorge which was apparently my fastest ever!  I had some patches of zone and full on mojo, and I think I grinned pretty much the entire way ‘round :D.  It was also a massive relief to discover that I can ride when I’ve been taking the little green and yellow pills, because at the moment they’re not an optional extra. I feel a lot more positive about Sunday’s White Horse Challenge now :).

two shoes blue skies

road austin

porsche arty porsche

rock face craggy

bus stop shadow climbing

guy skyfall

Stats are out because there was a forgetting to turn it back on again thing…but here:

Official time: 1:56 hrs.
Distance: 24.1 miles.
Avs: 12.4 mph.
ODO: 16411.09 miles.