It takes three to Tango

a sign of things to come

Hey, don’t blame me, the title was Guy‘s idea not mine.  But there it was, so here it is. Gift horse, mouth, etc.  Bear with me…all will become clear. 😉

Of course it works on many levels.  I am, of course, three rides behind.  Which, incidentally, since clearly we’re counting things, makes four rides this week in total, which is pretty cool in my book.  Well, not cool, it’s been quite warm really 🙂

I’ve ridden in the evening, with Chris, with ups and kick-ass downs.  I’ve ridden in the afternoon, with Alan, in heat, and humidity, yet still with wind.  And I’ve ridden in the morning, with Guy and George, with sun and wind and hills and a brand new coffee stop.  Where there were three of us and three of these.  See, it makes sense now, no? 😉  Three rides then; and I’ve really enjoyed all of them.  Riding in weather like this feels like being holiday, and reminds me of all the foreign holiday riding I’ve done, which is just lovely.  Result 😀

three to Tango

Cycling time: 5:17
Distance: 82.2 miles
ODO: 10113.6 miles