One of these days the sky’s gonna break…

…but until it does, there’s still time to ride in the beautiful sunshine 🙂

outside Heaphy's

Looks like Alan and I must have been pretty desperate for good coffee though – look at us go! 😉

Cycling time: 1:36
Distance: 28.8 miles
Avg: 17.8 mph
ODO: 8906.6 miles

resting steeds

As the sportive season rolls on, the Exmoor Beauty is next.  I’m hoping it goes well…fingers crossed, wish me luck, etc.  It’s a big ‘un….but I’ll explain that later…

You see I’d write more; but I have places to be & people to see.  I’m attempting to have a life 😉

 More letters from the sky soon enough 😉