Only you can do what must be done

I was in a foul mood this morning, for many varied and no doubt not that important really reasons.  I was supposed to be riding with George, but she had to cancel, but proffered coffee at her place as a silver lining. So I went for a ride on my own, with that as my goal.  In order to try and ride the grumpy away, I decided that in the absence of George, there should instead be a Gorge.

Yep.  Cheddar Gorge.  Following the Somerset Hills Gran Fondo signs, as it happens.  Something I did last year, and which quite a few of the ACG are doing this year, albeit without me.  I didn’t take photos because I was concentrating, and while my legs were turning my insides were churning and I had things to think about so my brain was spinning too. I have to say it actually felt pretty good though, no idea why.  And, just for once, Strava agrees with me.  One of my better performances, and not just for this year.  Interesting.

Across the top, before going down the Westbury way.  Still head down.  I even enjoyed the headwind all the way across to Cocklake, because sometimes fighting against something concrete is actually good.  And I enjoyed catching up with George over coffee even more, having spent quite enough time inside my own head by then.  It may not have been the greatest training ride, but I’ve been getting the miles in lately, and there’s enough sportives going on to give me hill training.  It’ll do :).  Mind you, I’m still grumpy!

Look what arrived today.  It’s a really good deal – buy one box get one free.  Mixed too – various flavours, including some caffeine ones.  So if they’re your brand/gel of choice – Carpe Diem folks.  I’m hoping they’ll help me get around on Sunday…


hi5 gels

Cycling time: 1:23 hrs.
Distance: 20.9 miles.
Avs: 15.0 mph.
ODO: 1557.76 miles.