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More miles…

For the first time in a little while I went cycling in company – just G and I. She had some errands to run in Burnham so we did a loop round there via the levels and Burtle, and then came straight back via Bleadon.

Cycling time: 2:12:08
Distance: 33.611 miles
Avs: 15.3 mph
ODO: 8692.5 miles

As you can see, if you compare my speed of late with today’s speed, it was down a bit – but then we were nattering….and it was quite hard to cycle at that speed AND keep up with G AND natter! I think I managed to keep up ok, and those few hills that we did were ok. The good thing about doing the same hills all the time is that at least you can gauge whether or not you’re improving or not, and I think I have been a little…gradually anyway.

The designs for my cycling kit are being worked on now. It’s tricky getting all the logos in the right format, which is proving problematic. I also need a photo of the Mayor’s Chain which is away being worked on at the moment and is late, and the only digital Town Logo we have is not great quality at all. Both these elements are pretty essential on the Cycling Mayor’s Kit! Ah well… hopefully it will all come together in time.

Here comes the sun…

The mob are home, leaving me tied to the house.  So, hubby came home at lunch time, and I was out of the house before you could blink.  Well, quite fast anyway.  I decided to try out my new Torq energy as well, to make it all a tad more interesting.   I did one of my usual training loops and had a blast ! Not only was the weather much milder – I ended up with zips pulled down and sleeves rolled up – but there was also no wind to speak of, which is always good.  And the SUN came out!  Yes – the SUN!   I can’t remember the last time I went on a sunny ride, and it really makes a huge difference.   I don’t know if it was that, or the Torq, or what, but my legs were having a really good day as you can see…

Cycling time: 2:02:02
Distance: 32.603 miles
Avs: 16.1 mph
ODO: 8592.5 miles

Now that’s an average speed I’m quite chuffed about.   OK, so it’s a fairly flat route, but I’ve been known to do it a great deal slower!  Even the wildlife was pleased about the sun, there were white egrets, lumbering buzzards, and out near Burtle, 5 young deer ran across the road in front of me, with number 6 actually getting really close to me before finding a decent hole in the hedge through which to squeeze through and run off to join his mates, white tail bobbing in the setting sunlight.   It quite made my day.  Now THAT was a good ride.  I’m all perky and happy now 🙂

PS: There’s about one week left in which to get logos onto my kit.  I gather I might be able to squeeze a couple in after that if I’m lucky…but if you haven’t decided yet, now would be a good time.

Powered by Riverford Organic Vegetables

Hurrah – I have another new sponsor!  We’ve been a part of the Riverford Organic Veg Box Scheme for probably something like 7 years now, apart from a brief hiatus when we weren’t in the country.  It’s been consistently great.  There’s the challenge of figuring out what to cook with what the seasons give you, the vegetables you get that it wouldn’t occur to you to buy otherwise, and it’s all fresh, local, and great value.  Gil and Liz who are our distributors are both friendly and helpful, and they’ve even had a stall at the Somerset Showcase a couple of times.  Now they’ve kindly agreed to sponsor me, which is brilliant!  What better way to spread the message?  Cycling is “green” after all *grin*.  As soon as I have their logo I’ll add it to the list, and to the sponsorship page.  Step by step I may be getting there… 🙂

Torq Talk

All my lovely Torq stuff arrived yesterday.   I love it when the post is interesting!   I now have bars, gels, energy and recovery drink powders, some socks and three lovely new bottles.  Everything you need really – I feel all kitted out 🙂  It’s great timing too, as my first event is the weekend after next, so not only can I fuel myself through that, but it’ll be a great tester for the powders to see how I get on with them.  Thank you Torq! 🙂

Spreading the word

This is have, as they said, been changing their website. Half way down on the RHS is a “Blogs from mid-Somerset” section.  Click…and you arrive at their blog page.  And down there, at the bottom is….me and mine!  It’s currently an old, slightly squashed looking, photo, from 2007, when I was getting ready to do my first event – one day of the Tour of Wessex – so I think I’ll send them my more recent ones.   Consistency and all that.  It’s quite exciting being linked from other places.  I was even twittered about this weekend!  Hopefully all this will also raise me some funds…which isn’t going so well at the  moment.

Training is, unsurprisingly, not going that well at present.  I’ve been at the gym, but that’s no substitute for the real thing.  I cancelled yesterday’s ACG ride – discretion is the better part of valour – and judging by all the frozen snow around the edges of the road then, it was probably a good thing!  Now the rain is here, and the temperatures are up a bit, hopefully I can get back out there again.  The plan is to go out with M tomorrow morning.  *Fingers crossed*!

Snowed In

I’ve been snowed in all week.  Well, not literally, but there’s been enough of the darned stuff around that cycling has been out of the question.  Which means it’s probably a good time to have come down with the stinkin’ cold that I have.  I’d call that fortuitous, but I’d rather just not have the cold at all!  I’ve had to do all my cycling at the gym which, whilst productive, ain’t as good as the real thing, and is considerably more boring…

I took advantage of the enforced spare time to tweak this website a bit and make all the logos .gifs as recommended by A at Kalaswear.  I think it loads a lot faster now and is easier to use.  I’ve also put a piccie of my face on the front page, and one other on the “about me” page.  So far this month 96 folk have graced this site with their presence, which I think is pretty cool.

I also went to see A at Kalaswear about my custom kit, and we knocked some ideas around.  I’m quite excited about it, and also as I’m a control freak, I’m desperate to get it right…I hope he’s patient enough with me 🙂  I have to get all my logos by the end of this month, which only leaves me 3 weeks to find any commercial sponsors I can…*aaaarghhh*…no pressure there then.  If you, your company, or any company you know of would like to sponsor me – please get in touch.


Typical Thursday girl’s ride out.  Three of us this time, with nary a clue as to where to go.  So, after some debate, we decided to go up…up…up…  Well, apparently I like a challenge.  I had been hoping, after Tuesday’s long ride, for a flatish average ride, but no…for the first time this season, it was up Cheddar Gorge!

Actually it wasn’t half as bad as I expected or remembered, and although hard work, I’d swear I found it easier than the last time too.  Maybe I really am getting better at this? (surely not).

Cycling time: 1:58:28
Distance: 25.304 miles
Avs: 12.8 mph
ODO: 8376.2 miles

However it is a very long hill, which probably accounts for the average.  Once up in the clouds – quite literally! – we looped around from near Priddy to go past Charterhouse, down into Shipham where we found the distinctly chilly wind that we had been sheltered from, and then into Winscombe before going along round through Loxton, past the Webington and home.  Not the longest or fastest loop in the world, but I’m not bothered – I made it up the Gorge, what more do you want? *grin*

I’m on the sponsorship path, and spent yesterday getting logos and details from those folk who had already pledged to help me out.  Now I need more!  Did you know that 146 people have looked at this website this month?  How cool is that?  And have asked if I’d like to be listed in their blogs section so I guess that will mean even more people heading on over here.  All good publicity for anyone who has their logo and details here… 🙂

Spinning Wheels

The ACG hit the road again today.  Not the world’s greatest turn out…but actually better than expected.  Four of us I was expecting, two that I wasn’t.  I had convinced my Dad he ought to join us to make up the numbers but I’m not sure he’ll thank me for it though!

We fell into two groups again, as usual, with four of us taking a more circuitous route around the levels, and two going a more direct way, to a coffee rendez-vous at Sweets Peat Museum, which could get to be a habit…  This time around there were no punctures or other problems, and our two groups actually met on the road shortly before the coffee stop, which was nice.  The café wasn’t as busy this time either so our well earned coffee arrived fairly swiftly too – no cooling down and getting unpleasantly clammy.  After a nice sociable chat we split up again and headed back again.

Cycling time: 1:58:09
Distance: 29.888 miles
Avs: 15.2 mph
ODO: 8288.6 miles

We made pretty good time as you can see.  The weather was kind – I love being in touch with my toes – and after the harder rides of the last week, it was just lovely to be out on two wheels enjoying the ride.  No slogging!  (Sorry Dad!).   Mind you the roads were filthy – and my bike needs cleaning all over again.  See – I knew there was a reason I didn’t wash it that often!  (Luckily hubby rinsed it down when we got back as he’d just finished washing the car and had some spare water….).  I’m really pleased the group is still going – long may it last – and am looking forward to warmer rides.  Cycling in different company is really nice 🙂

And…two more of my buffs have new homes!  D and Dad both bought one today.  Only 3 more to go…one cap, one high-uv one, and one ladies fit.  Not bad 🙂

More miles under the belt

Today it was M and I who set off into the morning’s winter sun.  It was rather chillier than I’d been expecting, and although dressed accordingly, my feet didn’t stay with me for the entire time.  I’m looking forward to the time when that ceases to be an issue – roll on Spring!  We did a larger than usual loop, including a pit stop in Glastonbury where the coffee, though good, still didn’t reach my toes…

Cycling time: 3:12:57
Distance: 46.599 miles
Avs: 14.5 mph
ODO: 8219.5 miles

The weather was nice, the roads were a tad muddy, and the wind was bitter.  However, that’s another 47 miles (give or take) to add to the tally.  The average speed is probably accounted for by the amount of talking we do…not that that comes as a surprise to anyone!

I’ve made a bit more on the sponsorship front – M is now the proud owner of a couple of Buffs too!  I also took my sponsorship form out with me last night and got a couple of sponsors that way.  So, that’s a total of £266.30 raised/pledged so far.  Only £933.70 to go! *gulp*  So much to do…

Tired before and after

Well, I was tired before we set out, and tired afterwards.  I guess last night’s gym session probably didn’t help, and it’s also not a good time in my cycle (no pun intended…well, maybe a little pun).  The weather was windy and gloomy, but warm enough.  There were four of us girls this morning, which makes for easier cycling.  Mind you, when one of them is a fresh G, then the speed tends to get pushed up a bit, and I really wasn’t keeping up all that well.  We went out the hilly way past the Webington, out to, and up over Brent Knoll, looping through Burnham, Highbridge, not quite as far as Wedmore and home.

Cycling time: 2:01:52
Distance: 30.688 miles
Avs: 15.1 mph
ODO: 8114.3 miles

As you can see, having to keep up pushed my average speed up a bit, which is probably marvellous from a training point of view.  Oddly I felt like I was struggling and going much slower than that.  Perception is a wonderful thing.  I was quite glad to get home :).

One more Buff has been requested – and S will be giving it a snuggly new home.  If the other folk who requested one don’t speak up soon, they’ll be off to AJ who’s promised to give them Oirish homes :).